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The Sweetest Bean

Ugandan Vanilla Beans Grade A

Ugandan Vanilla Beans Grade A

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These gourmet vanilla beans are some of the finest in the world. They are hand-cured in Uganda, Africa. Uganda is one of the only land-locked producers of Vanilla in the world, so while other countries are unfortunately battling the natural disasters of hurricanes and cyclones, Uganda’s vanilla crop and vines continue to stay mature and rich in flavor. Bourbon vanilla beans from Uganda are some of the finest of Vanilla Planifolia. Vanilla purists have begun to recognize the superior quality of these vanilla beans. Ugandan vanilla beans are plump, pliable, and most importantly, succulent and flavorful. Ugandan vanilla beans produce a higher-than-average vanillin content, making them perfect for rich desserts, beers, chocolates, or vanilla extract. Our team in Uganda works day and night to protect, care for, and cure the best gourmet vanilla beans.

Product of Uganda

5 Beans per Pack

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