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Gather Food Studio

Weds, July 17: This Spuds For You

Weds, July 17: This Spuds For You

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Wednesday, July 17th, 6pm-8:30pm

This Spud’s for You with Dave - $75 per person

Have you wondered about potatoes, and what makes certain potatoes better suited for certain dishes and cooking processes?  Join Dave as we talk about the different types of potatoes – starchy, mealy, and waxy, the way potato starch molecules hold liquid, tips and tricks for storing (never in the cold – and away from sunlight), also why a sweet potato isn’t a “Yam” and certainly not a potato – but why we classify it as one anyway. This is a hands-on class. This class is taught in our 2x4 format – we’ll split up into groups of 2 and each twosome will tackle one recipe.

On the menu:

  • Tacos de Canasta
  • Loaded Potato, Corn, and Bacon Chowder
  • Aloo Matar Masala
  • Cornbread Stuffed Sweet Potato with Chorizo Chili
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