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Sat, July 27: Taste of India: Kerala & Tamil Nadu

Sat, July 27: Taste of India: Kerala & Tamil Nadu

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Saturday, July 27th, 5:00PM-8:30PM

Taste of India: Kerala & Tamil Nadu with Dave - $85pp

Kerala, which translates to “the Land of Coconuts” sits on the Malabar coast and is the southernmost state on the western coast of India. Since coconut palms are believed to have originated in the state of Kerala, many recipes contain coconut either in grated or liquid form. Not only are coconuts believed to originate in Kerala, Piper Nigrum – the woody vine that produces peppercorn berries is also believed to be native to Kerala, growing wild from the coastal plains all the way up into the Western Ghats.

Tamil Nadu is the southernmost state on the eastern coast of India. Its cuisine features the use of many lentil and legume dishes and leans heavily on the flavors from herbs and spices. The chilli pepper is also central to this cuisine. Within the state of Tamilnadu, lies the Chettinad region which has some of the most heavily spiced and spiciest dishes in all of India. Most notably, in Tamil is where we find Kari “Anglicized Curry.” Kari can either refer to black pepper or a spiced sauce.  

Both of these states also share similarities in their cuisines. Rice is of the utmost importance in these states. With the tropical climate and abundant rainfall, the conditions are perfect for rice production. Also, rice provides an excellent source of energy, which comparably isn’t found in fruit and seafood. While you will find non-vegetarian dishes, you are more prone to finding vegetarian dishes, vegetables and masala that accompany rice, and different kinds of soup/stew dishes.


  • Vazhuthana Masala - Spicy Eggplant in Coconut Milk
  • Ularthiyathi – Marinated Beef Fry with Keralan Masala Mix, Curry Leaves, Thin Gravy

Tamil Nadu

  • Kozhi Uppu kari – Traditional Chicken Kari (and the origins of “Curry”)
  • Varutharacha Sambar –Lentils and Vegetables “Stew” with Tamarind, Spices, and Roasted and Ground Coconut
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