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Rosemary Apricot Żubrówka Deliciousness -2.75oz Picnic Size

Rosemary Apricot Żubrówka Deliciousness -2.75oz Picnic Size

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The mythical Colorado Apricot and the Polish Bison The Colorado Apricot is almost a mythical fruit, only rarely escaping the late spring frosts to grow into a beaming golden orb. These precious fruits sought to be paired with an equally mythical spirit, the Polish gem, Żubrówka, a potato vodka infused with bison grass, sourced from the primeval Białowieża Forest, hand picked and dried under natural conditions. With a little savory rosemary, pink peppercorn and vanilla extract sourced from Madagascar we created a slightly tart, earthy spoon of sunshine worthy of the most exotic fairytale. Perfekcja!
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