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Hawaiian Black Sea Salt

Hawaiian Black Sea Salt

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Charcoal in color and bursting with mineral elements, Hawaiian black salt is made by adding lava rocks to pools of sea salt. These crystals will be fabulous on your dishes: foie gras, salted panna cotta.

Black salt is rich in activated carbon. This all-natural Hawaiian black salt is the blend of two products of exceptional purity. To enrich it with minerals, black lava rocks cleaned of their impurities are added to pure sea water in evaporation ponds, in accordance with an exclusive process that helps in the conservation of all minerals. Rare and sophisticated, deep black, it creates a magnificent impressionist decor on the plate. To be used as a flower of salt, black salt infuses all dishes with a baroque character and telluric energy.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Activated Charcoal (2% Maximum)

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