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Saffi Saana

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Refillable Bottle, 16oz

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Refillable Bottle, 16oz

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Saffi Saana Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from Arbequina olives. Internationally recognized as one of the best extra virgin olive oils based on the Flos Olei guide. 100% true EVOO; not fake, blended or adulterated. It is trusted by over 30 MICHELIN Star and MICHELIN BIB Gourmand restaurants in the United States. 2-year shelf life.

NOTES: herbaceous with artichoke, fresh grass, tomato

ORIGIN: Chile (May Harvest), Spain (October Harvest)

SUGGESTED USES: salad dressing, light sauteing

SMOKE POINT: 375 degrees F

Refills: $14, In-Store Only

About The Jar: The refillable 16oz glass oil and vinegar bottles have volume markers on the sides of the bottles allow for easy measurements, marked at every 2 fl oz, or every 1/8 cup. Use a dry-erase marker on the back to customize your bottle with the product name. Ideal bottle for refill stores, zero waste stores or bulk shopping where customer refill containers are allowed. Each bottle comes with a silver screw top lid, or you can upgrade to a mess-free pour by pairing with a set of Saffi pour spouts for a minimal additional cost. We recommend washing by hand with a bottle brush for the most thorough clean.

A Note From Saffi Saana:

We appreciate all of the ingredients Mother Nature gives us and we recognize our responsibility to protect the environment. That's why we are focused on providing zero waste packaging options to our customers. We partner with restaurants to collect their used glass bottles, so we can recycle, sanitize and refill them with our premium oils and vinegar. 

From our partner farms to the packaging we use, Saffi Foods aims to reduce our carbon footprint, waste and any negative impact on our Earth.

We always seek the best for our products.  Saffi Foods oils & vinegars are undiluted and contain no fillers, sweeteners or other additives.

Saffi Foods products only use natural ingredients. Our products are high in original nutritional value, and are unadulterated, cold-pressed, and raw whenever possible.


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