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Black Truffle Oil

Black Truffle Oil

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil with black truffle flavor and black truffle pieces. Sophistication, elegance, fine dining-packaged in a bottle. Creamy and dreamy; jam-packed with umami flavor. Summer black truffles grow among oak, hazelnut, chestnut, elm, and poplar trees, and are harvested from May to the end of August. One drop, and you’ll find that the robust, intoxicating earthy aroma and taste of summer black truffles have seeped deep into our Black Truffle Oil; expect notes of hazelnut and caramelized notes. Thoroughly reminiscent of fresh, black truffle slices-except, in a liquid form. Just a drizzle (a little goes a long way!), and you’ll turn any dish into a gourmet taste experience. Indeed a no-brainer way to up your culinary game.
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