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For anyone unfamiliar with Matther Schniper, he was the Food Critic for the Indy for like a gazillion years (and also the Editor for a stint) before the takeover of the Indy by Citizen Powered Media dba Sixty35 which led to the layoff of almost every single Indy employee. Matt is continuing to pursue his passion as one of the leading Food Critics along the Front Range from Pueblo to Denver and has now started his own business/food & beverage review - A who's who, and what's new website with a weekly newsletter accoutrement that focuses on the latest and greatest happenings for Food and Beverage in and around our city. (I'll post a link to his site at the bottom of this class description). His insights are culinary gold, and I would highly recommend checking out his site and signing up for his emails, but I digress...
Cooking With The Critic

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