Have a Healthy Holiday!

Have a Healthy Holiday!

We're committed to bringing our customers and neighbors fresh and vibrant flavor ideas to encourage healthy eating habits and promote more heart healthy lifestyles. As we head into the holiday season we wanted to take a few minutes to give you new ideas to beat the holiday over-indulgence. Here are a few ideas to keep your body and taste buds very happy!

Use fresh herbs to make meals taste bright and fresh. You'll satisfy your need for light and tasty food and feel great about it. Herbs are readily available year round and can make your dishes taste SO much better. Try these tips and recipes to freshen up your holidays!

· Gumbo Z’herbes – As the story goes, this gumbo is so good that its only supposed to be eaten once a year.It is laden with many vegetable greens and herbs for a flavor that is unlike any other.Try with or without meat for an amazing gumbo on a cool Colorado evening.

· Taboulleh – Edible herbs were once, and still are, a large part of the Arabian diet.Taboulleh is a fantastic example of this.Parsley and Mint mixed with bulgur wheat, fresh tomatoes and lemon zest is the basis to this Mezzo that will really impart a ton of flavor to your meal, without breaking out the salt grinder.

· Chimmichuri – A parsley, cilantro, oregano and garlic based condiment, pureed with oil and vinegar makes a delicious side sauce for anything from grilled steak, to fish, chicken or even simple grilled vegetables.This is an excellent alternative to heavier, processed sauces such as Steak Sauce or Worchestershire and you’ll think summer has never ended.

· Make your own Pho – With the rising popularity of “eating outside of the box”, grocery stores are expanding their purchasing to ordering in more international products; Thai basil is a great example.Pho is a very highly seasoned broth with noodles and vegetables - and meat if you wish, finished with a bouquet of fresh herbs (such as thai basil, mint, and cilantro).

· Make your own herb mix/blend.Herb blends can replace heavier seasonings by adding vibrance and dimension to your meals.Salt is only a flavor enhancer.If you are concerned that a less salt diet will result in less tasty food, remember, your taste buds will adapt to the new change in 2-3 weeks, and you’ll never even know you missed salt.

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