Bounce Back After the Holiday Binge

As I write this, I have just finished consuming 6 large shrimp, a giant king crab leg & claw and 4 scallops. Not to mention the fudge I had as a "snack" and the pancakes, bacon & hasbrowns we had for breakfast. So don't feel bad if you fell victim to the holiday binge...I do, too. And I still have 4 pounds (yes, as in lbs) of Nueske's bacon in the freezer, one of my favorite annual gifts from my mom's best friend.

I did really good up until Christmas Eve. And it went downhill from there. Fast. So if you're feeling the binge blues, join the club! I don't beat myself up anymore over my holiday eating. It's all tied together with nostalgia, emotion and tradition. And I give myself a little extra leeway to eat what I want - at least for Christmas week. But then it ends. And the New Year is waiting there for me - silently judging.

I know, everyone hates resolutions these days. They aren't attainable, you set yourself up for failure, yada, yada, yada. As for me, a resolution is just a goal. And goal setting is all about setting yourself up for success. There are a few keys to do that without feeling like you've failed in the first week and giving up all together, before you've even started.

I am a very goal-oriented person. And while I know that not everyone is, I think that a few keys in goal setting can help get you ready for whatever goal you have in the New Year. I'd like to share a few things that I have done over the years to make myself more successful at keeping and attaining my goals.

· Set an challenging, yet attainable, goal. If you want to add exercise to your daily life, start small. Take a walk twice a week, then the second week move up to three times a week. Until you reach your goal. Take small steps to make big leaps.

· Make yourself accountable. Whether you can do this on your own or you need a group to help, set up a structure that holds you accountable for your goals. I belong to an online accountability group for my workouts daily. I've been off the wagon, but I also know I can jump back on without judgement, but they will also hold me accountable. I also keep my goals written on a dry erase board, somewhere where I will see them everyday. Including encouragement and tracking, so I can see my progress as I go.

· Make short term and long term goals. Set daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals. By breaking it down in little groups it will help you have a measurable short term goal that can help lead you onto success.

· Don't compare your goals to others goals. We all have different goals, different rewards and different ways of reaching them. Your goals do not need to compete with anyone else's. Focus within.

· Do NOT beat yourself up if you aren't making fast enough progress. Keep taking those small steps.

So I hope if you go into the New Year with a resolution or goal in mind that these steps help make it a success! And remember, we are always here to cheer you on!

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