Excuse our love story...It's a little bis-que

Excuse our love story...It's a little bis-que

To begin the story we have to go backwards. Dave moves to Colorado Springs in 2014, accidentally as he says. He drives past the Chefs Catalog HQ and calls his mom. You see, she was a Chefs customer and he thought she would be excited to know that it was in his new city. She tells him he should check it out - maybe there is an opportunity there for him. So he visits the original store, connected to the headquarters. He takes a tour around the store, leaves, then calls his mom. "Mom, there is nothing there for me." Remember these words.

In 2014 at the same moment, I am happily working at Chefs Catalog. Building a spice catalog, doing recipe development and leading the merchandising team. All of these lovely things...just behind the door that was connected to the store. Quite literally - my cubicle was JUST...BEHIND...THAT...DOOR. "Mom, there is nothing there for me."

Fast forward and Dave is teaching classes at the new location of the Chefs store. The very one where we would meet later and fall in love. We never meet, speak or even see each other

Another year passes and Chefs closes. I am planning on opening a kitchen store with a partner. Seems like a good idea to give all of the chefs who taught classes at Chefs a call and see if they might be interested in teaching at our new store. Enter Chef David Cook. I call him, we chat about him teaching classes. And that's it. Life happens and another year passes, again.

Finally, we open COOKS Marketplace (in the same location as the Chefs store) and cooking classes start. I attempt to touch base with all of the chefs via mass email. I get sent to his spam folder. Of course. Of COURSE I do! But this time he finds it. And finally, on December 7th, 2016 we "meet". Via email.

We schedule his first class on February 22nd, 2017. 3 years later, we FINALLY meet. And it was over from the minute he walked through that door. That second. Then he made Lobster Bisque, one of my favorites, and I was done. He went over his time by an hour. Now he says that I made him so nervous that he couldn't focus. He also made the biggest mess I've ever seen. It was truly impressive.

The next day he came back and spent $500 on knives. He didn't need $500 in knives...

We talked, laughed and started a friendship. He told me he can't make fluffy, photo-worthy pancakes, and I sent him this picture.


He tried to make a counter with a recipe of his own, but I think I took this round. And so it started.

We had to close my store and my heart broke a little. But he held my hand and led me through it, day by day. And then almost magically we founded Gather together - our cooking school and studio. The old adage holds true - everything happens for a reason.

We've learned how to cook together, enhance each other's skills, push each other, support each other and how to run a business together. We've created a community that we would have never imagined possible. Wonderful people who have become more like family, who supported us through hard times and who keep us laughing on the long days. Sometimes maniacally. Sometimes we huff and puff and have arguments about the "right" way to make red bulgur (we still haven't agreed on this).

But, then. Those days. Those terrible days when you make 8 chocolate genoise for Buche de Noel class and NONE OF THEM WORK!! A phone call with tears in my voice and he's at my side, pushing me through starting 12 more with a new, improved recipe. Just hours before class. And of course I forgot that I needed to make a vegan one. Damn. Damn. Double damn. And somehow, it's done. Together we've made 22 cakes and 10 recipes of buttercream. Class starts, we put on a smile and beautiful Buche de Noel's and memories are made. And you know what? It's amazing and gratifying to do it side-by-side, with each other, and with you.

And our story continues. Each day building on the last. Our community grows and feeds our souls. We make recipes for you. For you to enjoy. To become your family traditions. To nourish - bellies, hearts and souls. To surprise your wife with a romantic dinner. Gather isn't just the name of our business, it's our way of life. We're honored to have you join us on our journey. Even on the days when we're hanging on by a thread - all of a sudden you make a perfect pancake and all is right in the world.

We hope you enjoy our recipes as much as we enjoy making them for you. I'll leave you with my favorite quote:

"Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all." - Harriet Van Horne

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