Cold Spanish Soups

Cold Spanish Soups

According to the definition above, the recipes this week are NOT soup. WTH?

The Andalusia region in Spain is where cold soups are most produced and consumed, as this is where the majority of the Spanish cold soups were invented. Because temperatures can reach up to 115º F, farmers and field workers needed to find nourishment and refreshment at the same time.

My favorite cold soups; Gazpacho, Salmorejo and Ajo Blanco, all have roots dating back to the Moorish occupation of Spain (1000AD-1500AD) and yet have long been enjoyed since the Spaniards reclaimed their country. Gazpacho and other cold soups spread throughout the country and even abroad, but it will always be Andalusia who can claim their creation.

Since soups are generally thought of as cold-weather dishes, and cold soup is usually considered in need of a heat-up. It’s true that there’s something comforting about a hot bowl of steamy soup, but it’s a shame to relegate an entire delicious food group (yes, I said food group) to just one season.

Luckily, you don’t have to...

Traditional cold Spanish soups are perfect for summer, and I’ve done the tough job of sampling them for you in the name of research. Healthy, easy to make and, most importantly, super tasty, you’re going to love eating these cold soup recipes during the hot months of the year.

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