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Gather Food Studio

Thurs, Sept 26: Gluten Free: Thickened Soups

Thurs, Sept 26: Gluten Free: Thickened Soups

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Thursday, September 26th, 6pm-830pm

Gluten Free: Thickened Soups with Cortney $75 per person

Fall is coming and that means soup season.  And this month’s GF class is all about thick and delicious soups. Yes, you could just use GF all-purpose flour to thicken, but that’s no fun! Besides the fact that they can make your soups gummy and overly thick. In this class we’ll learn how to use creative soup thickeners that add flavor and rich, creamy texture. This is a hands-on class. This class is taught in our 2x4 format – we’ll split up into groups of 2 and each twosome will tackle one recipe. This class is gluten free.

On the menu:

  • Beer Cheese Soup thickened with Bacon Ancho Popcorn
  • Chicken & GF Gnocchi Soup thickened with Potato Starch
  • Italian Bread Soup thickened with GF Bread
  • Pork Green Chili thickened with Masa
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