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Sun, March 26: From Trash To Table: Bottom Of The Bag & Bottle

Sun, March 26: From Trash To Table: Bottom Of The Bag & Bottle

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Sunday, March 26th, 1pm-4pm

From Trash to Table with Cortney & Dave

Have you ever thrown away food and wished that you could re-purpose it or make something delicious with it? There is a way! This year at Gather we’ve made a dedication to reduce our food waste and become more conscious about how we use ALL of our food. In our new From Trash To Table Series we’ll be bringing you a new topic each month. And since we’ll be using food scraps, it reduces our food cost…which means that we can donate it back into the community! All of the profits from our From Trash To Table Series will be donated to Food To Power. Food To Power has redistributed over $6 million of healthy groceries since 2013 in the Colorado Springs region.Using a "direct redistribution" model, Food to Power transports surplus healthy foods from local supermarkets, backyard gardens and cafeterias to 20+ non-profit and community-based grocery programs.

Our second month will focus on Bottom of the Bag and the Bottle.  Globally, we waste about 1.4 Billion Tons of food every year. The average American family throws away about $1500 of food each year. How much of that are the remnants and crumbs?  How often do we throw away panty, refrigerator, and snack items when we get to the bottom of the bag/crumbs or bottom of the jar.  Do we always scrape out our jars to get every bit of product out? Sometimes we just toss out the items not knowing the value of them and letting the remnants reach their full potential.  In this class, we are going to look at some of the most common left behind and thrown away items – look at the amount we can salvage, the “cost of the toss” and how to use all of these items to our benefit.  You are going to be very surprised at what we can make with crumbs and the unscraped…

On the menu:

  • Condiments and Condiment Packets (like take-out soy sauces and drive through Taco sauce packets) – then we’ll show you how to make a couple on the fly amazing sauces with them
  • Chips – Potato Chip Schnitzel
  • Cereals – Cereal Milk Tres Leches Cake
  • Bread – Stale Bread Brown Betty
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Trash To Table

Don't miss our newest class that gives back! Join this series and the profits will be donated to Food To Power. Learn how to reduce food waste and make better use of food scraps that we would usually throw away!

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