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Sat, Sept 28: Taste of India

Sat, Sept 28: Taste of India

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Saturday, September 28th, 5:00PM-8:30PM

Taste of India with Dave - $85 per person

Telangana cuisine is less spicy and slightly more sour than other regional cuisines because of the extensive use of tamarind. Other ingredients used in recipes and dishes are chillies, coconut, sesame seeds, peanuts, and asafetida (a resin extracted from ferula, a plant in the celery family) – which provides an onion garlic flavor that marries beautifully in vegetarian dishes, masalas, gravies, and stews. Most notably however is one of the most popular and well-known dishes in and outside of India… Biryani. Biryani dishes are elaborate layers of spiced meats, vegetables, and basmati rice with other aromatics, herbs, and masala mixtures bringing even more flavors. Biryanis are slow cooked over low heat allowing for all the flavors in the dish to come together to create a mind blowing, tastebud exploding experience unlike any other you’ve ever had. The city of Hyderabad, which is the capital of Telangana, is known as the Biryani Capital of India!

  • (Hyderabad) Biryani – Layers of Basmati Rice and Chicken with Whole Spices, Coconut, and Saffron
  • Mirchi Salan – Roasted Green Chillis with Hot and Sour Gravy of Peanuts, Poppy Seeds, Coconut, Tamarind
  • Golichina Mamsam – Spicy Simmered Lamb with Herbs and Spices in a Thick Red Gravy
  • Shahi Tukra – Hyderabadi Fried Bread Pudding with Milk, Sugar, Rosewater, Cardamom, and Saffron
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