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Sat, Sept 21 & Sun, Sept 22: 2-Day High Altitude Canning Workshop

Sat, Sept 21 & Sun, Sept 22: 2-Day High Altitude Canning Workshop

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Saturday, September 21st 9am-12pm & Sunday, September 22th 9am – 12pm

2-Day High Altitude Canning Workshop with Cortney - $175 per person

It’s the perfect season for canning! Fall & Winter are coming and it’s time to stock up your shelves with homemade goods that aren’t full of unwanted preservatives and additives. In this class we’ll cover all of the different methods of canning and explore them all in our hands-on workshop. We’ll also be covering high-altitude canning and how to make adjustments so that you start making jams that set! Learn everything you ever wanted to know about canning! This is a hands-on and discussion class. Each person will work with a partner, but take home their own jar of each recipe! Jars are included in the price of the class. This class is vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.

Recipes may vary based on what is growing and available, so please know that adjustments may be made prior to class! Now that’s FRESH.

We’ll Cover:

·       Sterilization

·       Food Safety

·       How To Quick Pickle & General Pickling

·       Low Acid Canning

·       High Acid Canning

·       Water Bath Canning vs Pressure Canning

On the menu:

Day One:

·       Demo: High Acid & Water Bath: Homemade Curry Mustard (4oz Jar each)

·       Quick Pickling with Hot Pack Method (High Acid): Dilly Beans (Half Pint Jar each)

·       Salt Packing & Water Bath (High Acid): Preserved Lemons (Pint Jar each)

·       Pressure Canning (Low Acid): Garden Salsa (Pint Jar each)

Day Two:

·       Day Two will be a full focus on all things jam!  We’ll be talking about pectin, sugar, alternative sugars, the ph of our fruits for jams and so much more!! Learn how to get your jams and jellies to set, how to adjust recipes for altitude and feel more confident in your canning skills from this day forward.

o   High Altitude Jams & Water Bath: Seasonal Fruit Jam in Four Flavors (1 Half Pint Jar Of Each Flavor)

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