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Sat, July 15: Beginner's Knife Skills

Sat, July 15: Beginner's Knife Skills

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Saturday, July 15th, 10am-1pm

Beginner’s Knife Skills with Dave

Learn how to wield the most important tools in your kitchen – YOUR KNIVES!! Learning knife skills will save you time, make you more accomplished and remove frustration. Learn about the different blade shapes and how to use them and the proper grip for safe and efficient cutting, slicing and dicing. Practice your knife cuts, dices, and juliennes in this hands-on class while you learn basic kitchen knife skills. Your food preparation will be so much easier! This is a hands-on class. In this class we will focus on:

Discussion: Knife Anatomy, Knife Safety, Do’s and Don’ts, Best Practices

Hands on:

  • Different Dicing Sizes
  • Different Slicing Sizes
  • Mincing & Chopping
  • How to Chiffonade
  • How to Cut an Onion
  • Best Way to Cut a Pepper
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