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Saffron Threads – Premium Pure Red Saffron 5 Grams

Saffron Threads – Premium Pure Red Saffron 5 Grams

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Unparalleled Aroma and Flavor - Highest-grade and ideal for any recipe, Yaqoot’s Saffron brings unmatched flavor and fragrance to your dishes.

Handpicked to Perfection - These premium saffron threads are handpicked with care to preserve the richness of every strand. From the best farms in the Middle East to your table, our saffron is meticulously processed, ensuring the finest quality.

Elevates Your Dishes - From risotto to your own paella spice mix, our deep red saffron spice turns any bland recipe into a lip-smacking dish. It’s not only excellent on rice and kebabs but also with green tea and delectable desserts!

Premium, All-Natural Saffron - Apart from their culinary benefits, these red saffron threads are best known for their nutritional value. They do not contain additives, preservatives, artificial colors, and other harmful ingredients.

Stays Fresh in Sealed Packaging-After lab testing, our saffron threads are packed in attractive containers, making them a great gift.

Product of Bahrain

5 Grams!

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