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Kids In The Kitchen 3-Day Cooking Camp (Ages 11-14): Dumplings & Noodles (Multiple Dates!)

Kids In The Kitchen 3-Day Cooking Camp (Ages 11-14): Dumplings & Noodles (Multiple Dates!)

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Tues, June 27 – Thurs, June 29, 10am-1pm Each Day

Tues, July 25 – Thurs, July 27, 10am-1pm Each Day

Tues, August 8 – Thurs, Aug 10, 10am-1pm Each Day

Kids In The Kitchen 3-Day Cooking Camp (Ages 11-14): Dumplings & Noodles

*Special Note: This class is for kids aged 11-14. Although your child may be mature/advanced, we do only permit kids aged 11-14 due to the pace of the classes and techniques used in this age group.

In our 2023 summer camps we’ll be taking a food tour through Asia – featuring dumplings and noodles from three different countries! The kids will learn how to form egg rolls & dumplings, how noodles are different from cuisine to cuisine and how to utilize new cooking styles. This camp will also include knife skills practice each day. Don’t worry parents – while some ingredients may be new to the kids, we’ll make sure that it’s all approachable! This is a hands-on class. This class will include peanut & sesame, please be aware that we will be using these items and cannot make concessions for allergies.

On the menu:

  • Day One: China – Pork Eggrolls & Dan Dan Noodles
    • On our first day we will be focusing on the cuisine that they are most familiar with – China! But we’ll expand a little beyond Chinese take out to make a popular Chinese street noodle dish from the Sichuan province. While this dish is usually spicy, each kiddo can personalize their spicy level by adjusting the ingredients. Then we’ll learn how to make Cortney’s Easy Egg Rolls and enjoy our creations for lunch.
  • Day Two: Japan – Gyoza & Chicken Yakisoba
    • On day two we’ll make a filling and fold dumpling wrappers to create our Gyoza. We’ll also make a dipping sauce to go with our pan-fried dumplings.  Once our dumplings are created we’ll whip up our Chicken Yakisoba, which is a quick and easy noodle dish for the kids to make for dinner any weeknight at home.
  • Day Three: Korea – Mandu & Japchae
    • On our final day we’ll explore the flavors of Korean food! We’ll be making Cortney’s favorite dumplings – mandu!  We’ll be taking this show outside, where after we fill & fold our dumplings, Cortney will help the kids deep fry them safely. We’ll also learn how to use sweet potato noodles to make our veggie Japchae, a great kid-friendly noodle dish!
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