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Holy Basil & Lemon Adaptogenic Sparkling Water (12 cans)

Holy Basil & Lemon Adaptogenic Sparkling Water (12 cans)

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An adaptogenic sparkling water crafted with organic Holy Basil aka Tulsi, which has a complex flavor profile of Clove, Mint and a touch of Basil sweetness. We've added a dash of Lemon Peel for brightness, and Passionflower to calm the nerves. This is a drink that was created to soothe an overburdened nervous system, and support an exhausted spirit. Plant Magic: Adaptogenic, calmness of spirit, heart health, nervous system regulation Crafted in the Rocky Mountains using our 100% organic and truly natural plant extracts that we make ourselves in our Salida workshop. NO preservatives, artificial color or so called “natural flavorings.” BPA Free Cans, PFAS Free Water ALCOHOL FREE | VEGAN | GLUTEN FREE | ZERO CALORIE
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