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Ancient Groves

5 Gallon Bulk Ancient Groves Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

5 Gallon Bulk Ancient Groves Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

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Buy bulk and save on this heritage olive oil! Buy in bulk and each ounce is only .55! Buy in a group with friends or family and portion it out and save BIG! Or buy bulk for restaurant or commercial use and save on this high quality olive oil.

Made of a single variety of olive, the heriloom Makani olive! This extra virgin olive oil is like no other - it's buttery, grassy and because of the species of olive you can even cook with it!

Over the past few years it's become increasingly concerning that oils may be blended and not pure. You will NEVER have to wonder with this single origin olive oil.

One Olive Species.

One Origin Grove.

One Harvest Season.

One Milling Craftsman.

Packaged By One Producer.

Bottled Green. Never Blended.

First Press Cold Mechanical Extraction. 

Origin Grove Over 500 Years Old.

Tree To Cask In Under 12 hours.

Single Grove Traceability.

Small Batch Lifecycle.

Organically Grown.



Ingredients: 100% Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Product of Greece

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